New Project: Travel Videos

5:09 AM

On my free time, I binge watch vlogs on travel and beauty. Recent trends show that vlogging is slowly becoming a major medium in the digital world. Take for example our social networking sites, they are adapting to this trend by introducing Instagram and Facebook stories.
(Woahhhh, that sounds completely formal, like something I'd say in a client presentation.) 

Lol, forgive me. I'm currently preparing for a presentation in a cafe, patiently keeping up with their crappy internet, as I type this. On another tab, I'm also loading another beauty blog. 

Watching all these videos makes me want to master the art of video editing. Gotta keep up, you know. Also, during our Seoul trip last year, one of my best friends created a short travel vlog which also inspired me to learn. I'm so happy with this video that I almost always end up showing it to other friends. 

Two weeks after that trip, my parents and I flew to Boracay to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. I attempted to create my own travel video, being so inspired with what Neil did. I was diligently filming everything during our 3-day stay. But my video was so bad I ended up not posting it - everything was so shaky and so fast, lol. I only saw it again last weekend and have decided to use it as motivation to get serious on mastering proper video editing. 

I am claiming it, I'm going to be good at it by the end of the year!!!! For now, check out my video editing skillZ (yes, with a Z) through this video: 

So did that make you dizzy? 

Love, Paola 

Life Lately in #ootd's

7:49 PM

In a few days, I'll be having my second monthsary in my new job. Though I'm still adjusting work-wise, I take comfort in the fact that it feels like home already. My desk is slowly starting to become more "me" by the day, with pastel-colored stuff that are convenient for my (and my officemates') Insta-posts. In three weeks, my planner was borrowed about 5 times already for flatlays, 

Being a creature of habit, it freaks me out to be in a totally new environment. The first few days were nerve wracking, I felt like it was the first day of high school all over again. Then slowly, I started to make friends, I started to get the feel of the actual work and poof! 2 months went by in a flash! During the awkward first few weeks, I took comfort in three words: no dress code

Having spent the past 2 and a half years in a corporate setup and mostly living in pencil skirts and sheer tops, being able to wear anything I want is refreshing. Ripped jeans, sleeveless and crop tops, open toed sandals, you name it! I've been wearing more denim now more than ever as well. I used to hate it but they're so on trend these past months and I'm always one to bandwagon. 

So life lately? So far, so good! Similar to choosing outfits in the morning, it kinda feels like the possibilities are endless... for now at least. 

I wonder how long it will be before I ran out of motivation  outfit ideas.

Love, Paola