#IAmUrbanBrave To Be Active Again!

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Last December, during outlet visits in the US, I mostly shopped for activewear with the mentality that 2017 will be my fitness year. And although this is something I declare every year, my level of commitment was on an all-time high. All the cute printed leggings and racerback tops with motivational statements that come in bright, neon colors motivated me even more as I started imagining my #gymootd and #wotd. 

Now, come April, I still haven't worn half of what I bought. *sad music* But lately, I find myself craving more and more for any kind of physical activity. Maybe it's because of the McDo fries and Coke float combo I have ever so often nowadays or it could be my constant back pains or the fact that summer is here once again and it's time to bring out the swimwear. Whatever it is, my motivation is back and I'm ready to be active again!
Working out is no easy feat, at least for me. That's why aside from cute gym outfits, I need a few other stuff here and there to help me reach my fitness goals. Good thing there's Urbanize, a one-stop shop for all our urban adventure needs. 

From travel to fitness to fashion or even to daily adventures, Urbanize has something to offer. Out of all the products and knick knacks that they have, I narrowed down my Top 5 favorites:

To know know more about Urbanize and the brands they carry, you can check out their Facebook Page or their website.

Love, Paola

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