NYC is Lit

8:58 PM

Top of the Rock

Every now and then, my mind still drifts to New York winter nights. Surprisingly, whenever I think of the nights I spent in New York, I remember the enjoyable kind of cold instead of the shivering-cold we all expected (except for that one night by the Brooklyn bridge where I thought my ears were about to fall off because of the harsh wind). It was perfect because it permitted us to walk around the busy streets to enjoy the magic that is NYC at night. At day time, it is an extremely busy city with a diverse mix of people going through their lives in fast paced, no rest mode. At night, it is still all that but somehow, it feels like it slows down by a tiny bit, giving you enough time to appreciate that another day has ended. I have a thing with lights. It makes me giddy and sentimental - something my best friend and I share. Every night was an oooh-ahhh heart eyes moment in this city. These are some of my favorite photos taken at night. I am in love with all of them but I have no courage to post them on Instagram and disrupt my pastel feed lol. So I'm leaving them here instead.

I miss you, New York. You are lit.

         Time Square                                                 Grand Army Plaza
 Brooklyn Bridge
                       Rockefeller Plaza                                                     Central Park
Manhattan Skyline

Love, Paola

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