Writing is the Right Thing

1:40 AM

Writing is beautiful thing.

This quote I saw on Instagram struck me with its accuracy. There are times when I feel like other people can express my thoughts and feelings better. I am a wide reader. Sometimes I feel like I need other people's words. There are quotes out there that describe me better than I can describe myself. An example would be a line from Lang Leav's poem: "She is a melancholy soul." Another accurate favourite is John Green's "If people we're rain, I was drizzle and (s)he was hurricane." I have this irrational fear of having no personality and being too ordinary. You know how some people can instantly captivate you? Like how when it rains or it storms, you know instantly what's happening. Drizzle, however, takes time to notice. Sometimes, you wouldn't even realise it's there. On emo days, I see this in a negative light. Drizzle is unsure, it is passive to the point of being weak. It's a bit unsettling to be able to relate to that. But then on some days, I find it comforting. It is soft and delicate. It's something that's caught in between which leaves you with a lot of possibilities. It can turn into a downpour or it can drizzle a bit and let the sunshine again. It is a point of transition. So hey, being a drizzle is kinda cool too!

Another beauty of relating to other people's writing is realizing that whatever you're going through, other people are going through it as well. Be it happy or sad, it is a relief knowing that there are others out there sharing your feels and sentiments. I guess that's why I write as well. As much as I relate to other people's writing, I hope there are others out there who will be able to express their thoughts through my own way of threading words. 

Love, Paola

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